Latest DIY scanner for Mercedes-Benz/Sprinter/Smart iCarsoft MB V3.0

Time:2021-01-29    Source: iCarsoft Technology Inc.

iCarsoft MB V3.0 is the latest professional DIY scanner for the Mercedes-Benz/Sprinter/Smart vehicles. 

Based on the previous MB V2.0 and MB V1.0, we added fantastic functions to the MB V3.0. Please check the comparison sheet below.

1 Multilingual Interface and Instructions Yes Yes Yes
2 Full OBDII/EOBDII Function Yes Yes Yes
3 Battery Test Yes Yes Yes
4 Read and Clear DTC Yes Yes Yes
5 Read Ecu Information Yes Yes Yes
6 Read Live Data Yes Yes Yes
7 Full ECU ModelsOBDII-16 DLC Yes Yes Yes
8 Read and Clear Freeze Frame No No Yes
9 Auto VIN Identify No No Yes
10 Actuation/Bi-directional Test No No Yes
11 OIL(Oil Reset Service) Yes Yes Yes
12 SAS(Sterring Angle Calibration Service) Yes Yes Yes
13 EPB(Electric Parking Brake Service) No Yes Yes
14 ETC(Electric Throttle Control Service) No Yes Yes
15 DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter Service) No Yes Yes
16 BLD(ABS Bleeding Service) No Yes Yes
17 INJ(Injector Coding Service) No Yes Yes
18 TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitor System Service) No No Yes
19 SPS(Air Suspension Service) No No Yes
20 ACS(Air Conditioner Service) No No Yes
21 BSC(Body Stablity Control Service) No No Yes
22 ECM(Engine Control Service) No No Yes
23 TCM(Transmission Control Service) No No Yes
24 FPP(Fuel Pump Service) No No Yes
25 AFS(Air Filter Control Service) No No Yes
26 IDL(Engine Idle Service) No No Yes
27 Teach-in of drive authorization system No No Yes
28 Teach-in of position for camshafts No No Yes
29 Calibration of intake valves No No Yes
30 Oxygen sensor upstream of catalytic converter No No Yes
31 Replace component NOx storage catalytic converter No No Yes
32 Reset learned values of components NOx sensor upstream of SCR No No Yes
33 Teach-in process after replacement of component NOx sensor downstream of SCR catalytic converter No No Yes
34 Resetting of calibration values No No Yes
35 Teach in component 'Pedal angle sensor' No No Yes
36 Teach-in of intake port shutoff No No Yes
37 Teach-in of camshaft positions No No Yes
38 Write wheel electronics identification number No No Yes